APS present at the Paris Air Show

Come visit us at HALL 4 STAND C92.

APS acts for the Planet

Discover the activities in which APS is engaged for the Planet!

New masking solutions with 3D printing

APS Coatings and the company Lynxter have collaborated to develop masking solutions using silicone 3D printing for thermal spraying.

A special anti-fretting coating

Discover Nuflon MeC2, a particularly effective coating for threads.

Transmission is important at APS

Damien, our Materials engineer, went back to his old school for a business conference.

Energy diagnosis at APS

APS called on NALDEO to carry out a study in collaboration with ADEME (National Agency for the Ecological Transition) on its direct and indirect…

Anti-friction solutions at APS

With our anti-friction Nuflon coating on this adjustment screw, jet pilots can adjust their seat with ease.

APS gets involved in the Paris – Vallée de la Marne agglomeration

Miguel Waxin, notre Président, a participé à un déjeuner de travail à l'agglomération Paris-Vallée de la Marne.

APS finalizes GIFAS’ Industry of the Future program

Closure of Industry 4.0 projects as part of the industry of the future program organized by GIFAS.

Discover our functionalities

Take a look at our case studies to see the breadth of functionalities we can offer.

Happy 14th July!

The whole APS team wishes you happy holidays on July 14th. We are open July 15!

APS presents its solutions for the food industry

The APS Aquitaine team is present at the Health Food Days in La Rochelle on June 15 and 16. Come and meet us

News from the Laserblast project

The Laserblast project is moving forward. Discover the latest developments...

Bring colors to your coatings

It's not just black or grey in industrial coatings, find out more.

Wettability tests

Abrasion resistance test, grid test to test adherence, destructive testing to check the structure of the coating, these parts are made solely to…

APS, playing a part in the quality of automotive parts

We meet your requirements by testing the quality of our coating on your parts by validating standardized salt spray tests.

ROBOCOAT – Welcome to tomorrow’s industry

As part of the Robocoat project, the APS Coatings teams are working on automating the interior/exterior application of parts. Learn more with the…

APS, the only parylene applicator in France

Parylene makes it possible to reliably encapsulate any 3D part in the most demanding technological fields.

Cothal™, a special coating for optics

Discover Cothal™, an APS Coatings formulation suitable for optical or photonic applications.

Damien Pomarède – Optimizing the application of material thanks to light

Doctor in photonics and Engineer in materials sciences, Damien Pomarède has been interested in coatings and the interaction between light and matter…

Maintenance part aerospace

These parts are tools used in aerospace maintenance and are coated with Nuflon WV, a special non-stick coating developed by APS Coatings. Our coating…

APS prototypes 3D printing tools

To optimize the application of all types of coating and process parts even faster, APS uses its 3D printer to create tooling prototypes.

Surface preparation at APS

NUFLON TGBBT®, is a blue anti-stick coating. Get a feel of our know-how, which allows us to make this coating stick to a metal substrate. The part…

Greener Nuflon Coatings

APS provides its customers with more environmentally friendly high performance coatings in its Nuflon™ range.

With APS, spared areas are super precise.

Appreciate the know-how of our operators on this copper part coated with RILSAN® to allow its electrical insulation.

A water-based lubricating coating

APS is always on the lookout for high-performance coatings that reduce the impact on the environment.

Helicopter Stretcher Harnesses: Coatings That Save Lives

At APS Coating solutions, our mission is to help our customers every day by bringing more functionality to their parts and creating added value.