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Parylene is a family of polymer coatings used to uniformly protect any part, whatever its profile: sharp angles, points, flat surfaces, cavities or internal walls.

The properties of parylene

APS applies this product to components or any other surfaces under vacuum and at room temperature . The sealing, corrosion resistance and dielectric properties of this coating are unmatched.

The parylene application process allows the simultaneous coating of a large number of parts, making the operation more economical and faster: very small parts can be coated in large quantities while benefiting from a perfectly uniform coating.

Parylene coatings are commonly used in the aerospace, military, energy and electronics sectors for their electrical insulation properties. Parylene is in fact the most electrically insulating coating.

  • Type : Parylene
  • Thickness: adjustable between 1 to 100 μm
  • Application temperature: Ambient temperature
  • Operating temperatures: up to 100°C
  • Electrical insulation : 220 kV / mm
  • Application area: sensitive parts
  • Process : CVD

The features of parylene

Icône étanche


Icône anti-corrosion atmosphérique

Atmospheric anti-corrosion

Icône frottement


Icône conduction isolation électrique

Electrical insulation

Icône biocompatible