Surface treatment and coating of metals

Beyond the surface, your performance

We specialize in surface treatment and the application of coatings by spraying, thermal spraying, fluidized bed or dip-spin.

From prototype to very large series, we develop and apply the most suitable functional coatings to extend the performance of all your mechanical parts, whatever their environment.

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Add value to your parts for a long time

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Listening and supporting our customers from prototype to mass production

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50 years of experience

Recognized know-how and quality

The brands we apply

The most comprehensive range of dry process technologies and coatings on the market

Your industry

APS supports you whatever your industrial activity. Always searching for new coatings and processes, we offer solutions that will improve your performance.

With numerous certifications, APS produces technical coatings on safety parts for these industries.

APS has developed high throughput automated solutions for the industrial bakery.

APS supports the largest automotive suppliers through its ability to produce single parts up to very large series.

APS anti-corrosion solutions are suitable for the treatment and maintenance of parts of all sizes.

APS masters the production of high-performance coatings that meet the requirements of the energy sector.

Improve your productivity by using anti-friction coatings on your conveyor belts!

Reduce your maintenance and cleaning stoppages thanks to special non-stick, abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosion formulations!

We offer bio-compatible thermal spray coatings, as well as anti-bacterial coatings to protect your surfaces from contamination.

Facilitate the demoulding of plastic or elastomer parts and improve your cycle times thanks to specific non-stick coatings.

APS has solutions adapted to the requirements for precision and high added value of micromechanics.

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We are proud to have worked for many years with leading companies in their sectors.

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