State-of-the-art technologies to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals

The most innovative technologies are essential to ensure optimal patient care. Coatings must be bio-compatible, offer exceptional anti-corrosion properties, excellent chemical inertness, and good shock and temperature resistance to be reliable for medical applications.

Our strengths:

  • APS offers bio-compatible coatings made by thermal spraying, as well as coatings able to withstand sterilization products.
  • A high quality offering recognized by high performance sectors

Where do we operate?

Instruments: Coated Medical Instruments | Trays | Pill Molds | Centrifuge Baskets | Diagnostic needles …

How do we add value to your parts sustainably?

Discover through real-life projects how APS Coatings has been able to design solutions for its customers that bring real added value to their products.

The functionalities you are looking for

Icône bactéricide


Icône biocompatible


Icône résistance chimique

Chemical resistance

Icône anti-adhérence


Icône frottement


Certifications and licenses