High non-stick performance for demanding cycles

The coatings used in the plastics and rubber sectors must be highly non-stick while avoiding the use of mold release agents or teflon adhesive tapes and any compound migration issues in the polymer or elastomer material.

Our strengths:

  • An expertise in the formulation of non-stick coatings to optimize the durability of moulds and facilitate de-moulding for operators
  • Certifications in high performance sectors such as aeronautics and defense

Where do we operate?

Plastics / Rubber: RTM/RIM injection moulds, moulds for rotomoulding

How do we add value to your parts sustainably?

Discover through real-life projects how APS Coatings has been able to design solutions for its customers that bring real added value to their products.

The functionalities you are looking for

Icône anti-adhérence


Icône résistance au feu

Thermal/Fire resistance

Icône réparation


Icône résistance à l'usure

Wear resistance

Certifications and licenses