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Zinc flake

Zinc flake coating technology provides a high level of protection against corrosion.

The features of zinc flake coating

Applied by dip spin, the spectrum of applications is wide and makes it possible to treat small parts with complex shapes in very large quantities.

The application process, adapted for the volumes of the automotive industry, makes it possible to obtain thin coatings, compatible with tight mechanical tolerances, resistant to atmospheric corrosion (1500 H resistance in salt mist) and offering the possibility of to be lubricated. Zinc flake coating also makes it possible to treat parts without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement inherent in other zinc plating processes and offers several colored finishes.

Finally, this solution is completely chromium-free and meets the requirements of the European REACH directive.

  • Type : zinc flake
  • Format : Coating film
  • Thickness : 8 à 20 µm
  • Application temperature: between 200 and 250°C
  • Operating temperature: up to 200°C
  • Process : Dip spin

The features of zinc flake coating

Icône anti-corrosion atmosphérique

Atmospheric anti-corrosion

Icône anti-adhérence


Icône résistance chimique

Resistance to chemical attack