New coatings to support an evolving industry

The transportation industry faces many challenges. APS helps you improve fuel efficiencywhile providing an exceptional driving experience by reducing noise and friction with non-stick coatings. Similarly, we are supporting the transition to electric or hybrid vehicles with coatings with electrical insulation or conductivity properties.

Our strengths:

  • Our tier-1 referencing with demanding customers and our industry certifications allow us to be part of programs such as Formula 1
  • A zinc flake dip-spin process for the anti-corrosion treatment of large volumes of parts with reception mats allowing good separation of each part
  • Many solutions offering electrical properties in paint spray or thermal spray

Where do we operate?

Car : Springs | Bolts | Wheel balancing weight | Bindings | Body trees | Rings | Bearings | Pumps | Coupling parts | Transmissions | Blades | Filters | Sieve | Fuel lines and fluid flow (brake, clutch and cooling systems) | Gaskets | Exhaust systems | Electronic control unit | Sliding doors | Lithium Ion Batteries | Connectors | Cabling | Seat rails …

Railway: Diesel engine parts (pistons, valves, seals, connecting rods, connectors, crankshafts…) | Turbocharger Parts | Traction Motor Parts | wiring | Compressor parts | nickel-cadmium and lead batteries | Bogie parts (axles, bearings and cartridges, axle boxes, levers, connecting rods, wear plates, bearings, suspension, etc.) | Brake components (brake triangles, brake linkage components, brake cylinders, distributors, brake shoes, soles…) | Shock and traction devices | Drawbars and hitches| Interior fittings of passenger coaches | electrical connection bars…

How do we add value to your parts sustainably?

Discover through real-life projects how APS Coatings has been able to design solutions for its customers that bring real added value to their products.

The functionalities you are looking for

Icône anti-abrasion


Icône réduction de bruit

Noise reduction

Icône résistance au feu

Fire resistance

Icône résistance à l'usure

Wear resistance

Icône anti-corrosion atmosphérique

Atmospheric anticorrosion

Icône réparation


Icône frottement


Icône conduction isolation électrique

Electrical insulation/conductivity

Certifications and licenses