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Chromium carbide

Chromium carbide associated with a metal base is a carbide which allows applications to be carried out at very high temperatures.

The characteristics of chromium carbide

Chromium carbides have similar properties to tungsten carbide but can be used in a higher temperature range.

They can be used either pure or alloyed with nickel or chromium bases. They have remarkable properties of resistance to oxidation and erosion.

  • Type: CrC3 – NiCr
  • Format : Coatings
  • Thickness: 0.05 à 0,5 mm
  • Operating temperature: jusqu’à 800 °C
  • Process : HVOF – Plasma

The features of Chromium Carbide

Icône anti-abrasion

Resistance to abrasion, erosion

Icône résistance à l'usure

Wear resistance

Icône anti-adhérence

Makes sliding easier

Icône frottement

Resistance to fretting

Icône anti-corrosion atmosphérique

Hot corrosion resistance