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Who are we?

From the start, APS Coatings has positioned itself as a pioneer for the materials used in its surface treatment solutions. Find out more about the APS group, its production sites and its commitments.

Icône groupe APS
The APS group

An integrated group in surface treatment

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Icône équipe
Our team

A passionate team at your service

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Icône sites de production
Our sites

Four complementary production sites in France

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Icône valeurs
Our commitments

Engaging and complementary values

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Icône groupe APS

The APS group

A group dedicated to surface treatment, from formulation to application and distribution

Le groupe APS includes:

  • APS Coating Solutions: a business of formulation, co-development and application of surface treatment solutions based on four sites in France, APS Ile-de-France and APS Aquitaine, Métrasur Occitanie and Lorilleux Centre Val de Loire.
  • Métrasur: a business applying thermal spraying, bath electrolysis and electroforming also involved with on site interventions for machining and buffer electrolysis.
  • Lorilleux: a thermal spray application business also operating on site for machining and buffer electrolysis.
  • Tetrachim: a technical trading and e-commerce business for specialty coatings and conductive inks, focused on international markets. For more information on this business, www.tetrachim.com
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Icône équipe

APS management team

An engaged team

Our sales team

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Icône sites de production

Our sites

Four sites for better geographical coverage

All our sites are able to deposit surface treatment solutions on all types of substrates: steel, stainless steel, titanium, composite, plastic, ceramic, etc. They are equipped with part preparation solutions: degreasing, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting, micro-shot blasting , shot blasting.

APS Ile-de-France (77)

  • Processes: Spraying of powders and liquids; Dip-spin; Thermal spraying (Arc, Flame, Plasma, HVOF); Bonding, Vacuum deposition (CVD)
  • Advantages: Carousel line for the external treatment of revolving parts, SPRIMAG line for the internal treatment of connectors, tubes, threads, spraying line, tunnel oven, tempering / hooking / tunnel line, aeronautics-homologated clean room, SAFRAN certified laboratory, automated line for dip-spin for the application of zinc flakes, high capacity line for the internal and external treatment of cylindrical parts

APS Aquitaine (33)

  • Processes: Spraying of powders and liquids, aeronautics-homologated clean room
  • Advantages: New automatic line: high flow rate for powder and liquid spraying

Métrasur Occitanie (46)

  • Processes : Thermal spray (Flame, Plasma, HVOF, HP HVOF) ; Electrolysis (buffer, bath, electroforming)
  • Advantages: Plane and cylindrical grinding, NDT control, on-site intervention (pad electrolysis, machining)

Lorilleux Centre Val de Loire (28)

  • Processes : Thermal spray, pad electrolysis
  • Advantages: On-site interventions, repairing, projection of Rilsan®
Icône valeurs

Our commitments

Strong values ​​for an evolving profession

Initially specializing in the marketing of Teflon for frying pan coatings, Bernard Hirigoyen, founder of APS, sensed the opportunity to apply this revolutionary solution to industrial mechanical parts. With this in mind, he created the company APS, Autolubrification Produits de Synthèse in 1968.

Today, faced with the new economic, societal and environmental challenges affecting the industry, APS Coating Solutions relies on the fundamental values ​​that have made it successful to continue its development in the industrial surface coatings sector.

Icône excellence

APS works for sectors of excellence such as aeronautics, energy or defence. The company's know-how, combined with numerous customer qualifications and strong certifications, enable it to meet the quality requirements of its customers.

Icône innovation

Innovation is in the DNA of APS. Looking to the future, the company has an R&D department and strong partnerships with various competitiveness clusters, laboratories and universities.


APS contributes to sustainable development issues by integrating the concept of social responsibility. The company has always been committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions and is committed to professional development and career development in good working conditions.

Icône adaptabilité

APS offers tailor-made solutions designed with its customers in complete confidence. In addition, the factories have flexible production systems, ensuring high responsiveness and allowing APS to provide the highest level of OTD (On Time Delivery) without compromising on quality.