Efficient solutions for cylinders, coils and rolls

Printing houses and textile workshops require non-stick and abrasion-resistantproperties for their cylinders in order to reduce production time and limit the cleaning and maintenance of automatic machines.

Our strengths:

  • Long term experience in cylinder coatings for demanding applications (labels, etc.)
  • Optimal non-stick solutions and short processing times to limit your machine downtime

Where do we operate?

Printing/Paper: Drying cylinders | Lead rolls | Guide rollers | Spreading rollers | Suction roller | Spare rollers | Press rolls

Textile: Drying cylinders | Sizing Cylinders | Guide rollers | Rod | Pin bar | Soaking tanks…

How do we add value to your parts sustainably?

Discover through real-life projects how APS Coatings has been able to design solutions for its customers that bring real added value to their products.

The functionalities you are looking for

Icône anti-adhérence


Icône anti-abrasion


Icône résistance à l'usure

Wear resistance

Icône anti-corrosion atmosphérique

Atmospheric anticorrosion

Icône réparation


Icône frottement


Certifications and licenses