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Innovation has been in the DNA of APS since its creation in 1968 and the use of fluoropolymers, initially designed for consumer frying pans, for industrial applications.

An R&D department at the forefront of innovations in terms of coating processes and materials

Today, APS develops formulated products, optimizes surface treatment processes and characterizes the physico-chemical properties of formulated coatings and surfaces.

Thus, we are constantly adapting and optimizing our coating solutions and our industrial tool to support changes in the demand of our customers and the market.

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More environmentally friendly formulations

ApsalonTM, a range of co-developed resins without NMP (N-Méthyl-2-Pyrrolidone)

ApsalonTM is a range of primers or one-coats resulting from the development of resins without the use of NMP. Currently already marketed, this range will continue to develop. Eventually, it will enable to offer various functionalities: anti-stick, anti-friction, anti-corrosion.

Thermal spraying as an alternative to hard chrome plating

APS is participating in a collaborative study conducted with Cetim – Technical Center for Mechanical Industries and other industrial partners on the evaluation of various sprayed deposits as an alternative to hard chrome plating. This study already shows promising results that will enable APS to offer solutions minimizing the impact on the environment.

Innovation product chemistry

New processes for the factory of the future

RobocoatTM, robotization at the service of surface treatments

RobocoatTM illustrates APS’ desire to constantly innovate and to be aware of technological developments in the market. This project studies the development of a system that automates the operations of masking and applying coatings.


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An automated pickling system for optimized savings

The objective of this project is to develop an automated pickling system on certain shapes of parts. Laserblast will allow us to reduce or even eliminate the need for masking for a significant time saving in the processing of parts.

Optical recognition of foreign parts

For APS, the quality of our production is essential. The objective of the 0ppm project is to operate an automatic sorting of parts in order to remove foreign parts in bulk processes. Thanks to an optical recognition camera, this system will make it possible to isolate up to 200 foreign parts mixed with 1 million parts.

Our partners

Multifaceted innovation

Today, looking to the future, the company has strong partnerships with various competitivity clusters, laboratories and universities.