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Fluidized bed

The fluidized bed method consists of coating by dipping.

Principles of fluidized bed

The part to be coated is preheated in an oven to a temperature slightly above the melting point of the polymer powder. It is then necessary to immerse the heated part in a previously fluidized powder bath. The fine powder in suspension immediately melts on contact with the hot part, on which it adheres, to create a uniform coating. The thickness of the coating depends on the immersion time and the preheating temperature.

  • Thickness to be deposited: from 200 to 500 microns
  • Application temperature: from 250 to 400°C

The benefits of the fluidized bed

  • Overall coating in one operation
  • Internal and external coating on complex shaped parts in a single operation
  • Thick coating with outstanding mechanical or anti-corrosion properties

Possible features

Icône résistance chimique

Chemical anti-corrosion

Icône potabilité


Icône anti-abrasion

Abrasion resistance